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Threat to Iroquois Park


The Olmsted Park Conservancy, in order to alleviate trail erosion caused by mountain biking in Cherokee Park, is proposing to build trails for mountain biking through the wooded areas of Iroquois Park. It would introduce this sport into Iroquois Park. Unfortunately, many people I talk with are unaware of the proposal and the survey that Olmsted says the proposal draws from. In others words, people from Iroquois largely has not had a voice in forming the proposal. At the time of the Olmsted open house in mid-November (in which the proposal was introduced) 52% of survey responders were mountain bikers. 


Olmsted is proposing a sport that would bring this impactful sport to the park despite its "1994 Master Plan for Louisville’s Olmsted Parks & Parkways," which says Iroquois Park has “a highly erodible mantle of loess, a wind-blown glacial deposit” on the top of its knob and its slopes. Though this master plan dates from 1994, Metro Parks and Recreation says on its website that this 1994 plan "still serves as a guide for overall decisions and investment about the those parks and parkways.”


There are many concerns with Olmsted Parks Conservancy's current proposal for Iroquois Park. You can learn more by following the links below.


MEETING: There will be a community meeting to discuss issues about the proposal and the best ways to respond on Thursday evening, Jan. 16 from 6 to 7:20 pm at the Iroquois branch library at 601 W Woodlawn Ave, Louisville, KY 40215.  Directions


For more Information: 


• Click this link for a notice to WFPL newsroom Dec. 27.

• Click this link for a letter written on Nov. 25 in response to the Public Open House meeting.

• Click this link for a letter to the editor at Courier Journal December 29.

• Master Plan for Olmsted Parks and Parkways, 1994.

• Louisville Metro Parks and Recreation System Master Plan. See page 30 for reference to the 1994 Olmsted Plan as current plan for Iroquois Park. 


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